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About Me


I was once a scientist, and am now a mother of two and a science educator, with a passion for parenting science. I am leveraging my background as a parent and a scientist to provide effective and compassionate sleep coaching, as well as coaching for other parenting challenges commonly faced in the pre- and perinatal period. On the side I teach biology at Central New Mexico Community College to future health care professionals.

As a parent, I have experienced that fairy-tale euphoria after birth. I have also managed colic and postpartum depression (PPD), faced hard career vs. family decisions, and navigated a failing marriage with very young children in tow. Because I’m a nerd (full disclosure), I read the available research about every challenge I face. So as I sat awake with insomnia during my months with PPD, I’d read volumes of research, searching for solutions to my problems. And indeed, effective solutions to my immediate problems did emerge. I also discovered ways parents can improve their chances of having that euphoric postpartum experience, and avoid PPD and colic. For some reason this information isn’t readily available, so I decided that will be my job.

Today, we parents have too much on our plates when our kids are infants. We have no choice but to make daily compromises between their needs and ours. Making good choices for a family requires us to be armed with accurate information, and a clear understanding of our needs and our children’s needs. I want to use my unique expertise to help you navigate parenthood. I merge scientific research with your parent’s intuition to help you enjoy parenting, and parent well.


  • Sleep Coach Certification in the Holistic Science of Sleep Method (trademark) from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute

  • Biology Lecturer and Central New Mexico Community College

    • Introduction to Biology for Health Science Majors

    • Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2

    • Microbiology

    • Biology for Non-Majors

  • Doctorate in Biology from University of New Mexico

Check out my Mission Statement. Here’s more about my personal journey balancing career with child.

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