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All clients are eligible to receive a free 15-20min phone/Skype initial consult in which we get to know each other, and decide if we will work well together, no strings attached. If we decide to proceed, you can choose from one of my diverse sets of packages. My approach is holistic and evidence based. See links at left for more info.


We often focus on ways to achieve a healthy birth. But truthfully, the postpartum period is more important. How will you feel with baby in arms? Will you be euphoric or panicked? What will your infant's temperament be like? What about sleep?

A healthy postpartum period for all family members begins in pregnancy, but medical professionals rarely explain how. Also, families typically need the most support shortly after the baby's arrival, just when medical support has waned. This is where I come in.

The education I provide to parents is evidence-based, but I also know parent intuition carries important messages. I blend science with your intuition to find creative and effective solutions to your parenting challenges.