My Mission

I am committed to helping parents establish and maintain strong and loving bonds with their children in infancy and early childhood, and to helping parents and children become more attuned with each other. When this connection is strong, both parents and children benefit; parenting becomes more enjoyable and less overwhelming, and children become healthier and easier to manage. I am also committed to empowering fathers and partners to understand their role in baby development, even while baby is still inside the mother's womb (many dads/partners don't realize how heavily they impact fetal development!), and to helping them find the joys of fatherhood early on. I am committed to providing an honest interpretation of scientific research to parents to empower them in making THEIR OWN DECISIONS that are right for them and their families. I also am committed to listening to parent instinct, and helping parents find the right blend of instinct and science to guide their decision making.

This mission not only benefits mothers, fathers, and children in the long term, but is essential for nurturing a new generation that is healthier than our own, in both mind and body.