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How I Work:

When you hear conflicting information related to your pregnancy, birth, or the health of your child, when you don't know how to tweeze out fact from fiction, when something feels not quite right but you don't know why, when you want to know more about what the science really says than your health care practitioners have time to tell, I'm here to help. I will explain the scientific research to you without the jargon, in a way you can understand. I will also help you find innovative and creative solutions to problems using the scientific literature. Some problems we can address together: Where do you want to have your birth, what style of birth do you want to have, interventions during or after pregnancy to protect against/improve postpartum depression and colic, father/partner education, parenting style conflicts, sleep coaching, education on vaccines, circumcision, labor interventions, and much more. For more information on how an evidence-based approach can benefit you, click here.


All clients will receive a free 15-20min phone/Skype initial consult in which we get to know each other. You can tell me a little about your problem, and we can decide if we will work well together, no strings attached. If we decide to proceed, you can choose from one of packages below. Perhaps you want one of the simpler packages, and only require email contact.


On any parenting topic of your choice. You tell me what your parenting conundrum is, and I'll do the research. This packages includes a 1hr consult in which I'll give you an evidence-based background on your topic, educational materials relevant to your case, a personalized action plan to resolve your problem, and weekly email support for one month following consultation.

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You just want to know what the science says about a single, simple topic, and don't need me to help you figure out how to apply the science to your life. 

After a brief initial consult I'll provide you with a research packet. This research packet will include: 5 peer-reviewed scientific papers relevant to your case, a non-jargon breakdown of the findings and weaknesses of each paper, and a summary of the conclusions and insights that can be drawn from the research papers when considered collectively. I'll also give you 3 follow-up emails that you can use to further clarify information I provided in your summary.


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  1. Sometimes a research paper spreads through media like wildfire, but the media often misconstrues the findings of the actual research. Contact me if you'd just like me to tell you what the research really says.
  2. In some cases I may do this free of charge, if I end up blogging about the article or topic in question.
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Over the course of three 45min sessions I'll:

  1. Teach you how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of scientific and medical information.
  2. Provide you with a few basic skills that will protect you from being bamboozled by other people's numbers and statistics.
  3. Give you some basic skills to search for and read peer reviewed research papers for yourself.
  4. Explain what's going on in the mind of scientists (what is the "scientific method" and the culture in which scientists are doing research?).
  5. Use real parenting, birthing, and pregnancy research examples.
  6. Provide you with educational materials to help you on your parenting journey.
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  1. You've already purchased one of the above packages.
  2. If you require ongoing support, never hesitate to contact me again! When needed, I will work with clients on an ongoing basis. Rates will vary depending on a client's unique support needs. Some questions require a lot of work to answer, some I can answer off the cuff. Never hurts to ask!
  3. Email me for ongoing help:

Price is per attendee.
Are you a birthing or education center? Do you have a topic you'd like me to cover for your audience? Book me for a workshop. 

*Please communicate with me by email before booking to discuss available topics.

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Send me an email so we can meet up and chat, free of charge. Or just tell me what you've been pondering.

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