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My mission:
To make the postpartum experience more joyful for both parents and children.
To strengthen parent-child relationships.
To empower parents with accurate information regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and child development.

What I can do:
Educate you about common challenges and their solutions, based on the scientific literature, and provide guidance on how to apply this information to improve your postpartum and parenting experience in your unique family.

Problems we can address together:
Where to have your birth, what style of birth to have, education about labor expectations and interventions, protection against postpartum depression, colic management, father/partner support, education on post-birth options (such as vaccines, circumcision, and more), parenting styles/approaches, science literacy training for parents, and more. (For more information on how an evidence-based approach can benefit you, click here.)

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Colic has a different cause for every child. Through research and my personal experience, I've generated a plan to help parents (1) understand their child's colic, (2) improve their stress and their own experience of their child's colic, (3) identify the best ways to minimize the effects of colic for their child. 

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Over the course of three 45min sessions I'll:

  1. Teach you how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of scientific and medical information.
  2. Provide you with a few basic skills that will protect you from being bamboozled by other people's numbers and statistics.
  3. Give you some basic skills to search for and read peer reviewed research papers for yourself.
  4. Explain what's going on in the mind of scientists (what is the "scientific method" and the culture in which scientists are doing research?).
  5. Use real parenting, birthing, and pregnancy research examples.
  6. Provide you with educational materials to help you on your parenting journey.
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This option is perfect if you have already purchased one of the above packages but need further support beyond the package limitations, or if you are a returning customer only needing a bit of maintenance. In rare cases, this option is appropriate for new customers seeking answers to simple and uncomplicated questions.

Includes a 1 hr consultation, a basic action plan, and educational materials when applicable.