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human birth ecology topics class

I am developing this as a biology class for non-biology majors at Central New Mexico Community College. Almost everyone will be intimately involved in a birth at some point in their adult lives, and yet birth education is not a part of standard education! This class empowers parents to make educated decisions before and during pregnancy to improve their postpartum experience. Students will gain a multidisciplinary understanding of health issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. We will cover the biology of pregnancy and birth, the symbiosis between mother and child, the important role of partner and family, important links between biology and psychology in birth outcomes, the pros and cons of interventions during labor, early infant development, and more.

evidence based parenting facebook group 

I'm the founder and moderator for this group. In this forum, parents will inform birthing and parenting decisions with scientific research. The mission of this forum is to (1) ask parenting questions of an educated parenting community that can help interpret the most current research, (2) dispel popular parenting myths that may be harmful to children and parents, (3) find solutions to cultural/societal parenting challenges, (4) become better parents. 

environmental parenting facebook group

I'm the founder and moderator for this group. In the face of global environmental catastrophes and social injustice, this group is committed to raising a healthier, happier, more empathetic, more courageous, and more responsible generation than our own. How can we help our children overcome the weaknesses overtaking modern society? How can we help them feel empathy for people suffering from environmental disasters today, for people of the future, and for other species? And how can we prepare them to make a difference for the people and species they care about? We believe that as parents, we have the power to instill the traits and values in our children that will help them improve the world.