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I don't call myself a "Sleep Trainer" because your child is a feeling person for whom I have too much respect to entrain. I coach families to help create an environment in which good sleep more naturally arises. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all method, we will discuss your child's schedule, family environment, nutrition, etc, to determine and resolve the CAUSE of nighttime challenges. This holistic approach reduces both parent and child stress that is associated with traditional sleep training.

Some sleep challenges we can work on: Independent sleep, more restful co-sleeping, night weaning, sleep regressions, night wakings, insomnia, trouble falling asleep, bedtime battles, parasomnias, day/night confusion, nighttime discomfort, and more.

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While sleep challenges during pregnancy may be normal, don't underplay them. They are worth resolving prior to the arrival of your infant. Women who are sleep deprived have more difficulty during labor, and are more likely to have infants with sleep challenges. 

This includes a 1hr consultation, educational materials, a step-by-step action plan to resolve maternal sleep issues, 2 follow-up consultations, and weekly email support for the duration of the plan

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Infants 0-6mo, or in utero.
There are health risks associated with demanding an infant under 6mo sleep independently through the night. However, starting at birth there are things parents can do to develop healthy sleep habits. The gentle methods I provide will improve parent and child sleep, and will avoid later stress associated with bedtime.

Includes a 1hr consultation, educational materials, a detailed action plan, 2-4 follow-up consultations depending on need, and email support for the duration of the plan.

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For one child, ages 6mo-6yrs.
Some experts believe the "terrible twos" is actually caused by child sleep deprivation! You owe it to yourself and your child to help them get a good night's rest.

Includes a 1hr consultation, educational resources, a personalized step-by-step sleep plan, 3-5 follow up consultations (depending on need), and weekly email support for the duration of the plan.

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For 2 children, ages 6yrs and younger.
Are you struggling to manage the sleep of two young children? Maybe you have twins? You don't have to pay full price for each.

Includes a 1hr consult, a step-by-step action plan, educational materials, 3-5 follow up consultations depending on need, and weekly email support for the duration of the plan.

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This option is perfect if you have already purchased one of the above packages but need further support beyond the package limitations, or if you are a returning customer only needing a bit of maintenance. In rare cases, this option is appropriate for new customers seeking answers to simple and uncomplicated questions.

Includes a 1 hr consultation, a basic action plan, and educational materials when applicable.

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